Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Playground Knitting

Miss Sunshine's playgroup still meets about once a week. I think it is very cool. The kids will all roughly be pre-k this fall and in school everyday. Three of them will be in the same kindergarten the following year, fall 2008, which I think is awesome. Everyone is doing different things this summer but, we all try to get together sporadically when we can. The Moms have become, over the years, some of my closest friends.

We decided to meet at the playground at the community center. I packed some snacks, juice, water and my knitting because it is a great playground for me to be able to watch the girls and knit at the same time. If you remember, there is a camp going on at the community center and ALL OF THE KIDS were outside when we got there. The Princess was excited but the playground was a zoo. No knitting for me because I was busy chasing Miss Sunshine. She was busy relay racing the older kids. Each grouping of kids went around once, she went around at least 10 TIMES. I am thinking distance runner. Once the camp went inside, I did get a few rows of knitting done but by then Miss Sunshine's cheeks were so rosy, I felt is was time to go home.

I also got nominated by Devon for a Rockin' Girl Blogger! I feel so honored!!

I am not quite sure who I am going to nominate to return the favor but when I know, I will definitely post them

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NH Knitting Mama said...

I love reading about the camp/Miss Sunshine adventures. I can see you trying to finish a row while running relay behind her! ha ha...

Your blog does rock!