Monday, July 09, 2007

I Want One!!

Let me start off by saying I rarely ask for anything. When it comes time for my birthday, the holidays, Mother's Day, any gift giving occasion I usually say "Be creative, whatever, a gift certificate, some free time to knit and relax, I really don't need anything" So when I find something I really want it is a rare anomaly, few and far between.

I saw a circular needle case by Lexie Barnes called Kitty. It does have a hefty price tag at $50 but it is not only gorgeous but also has something like 20 pockets and looks more slick that it's competitor, The Que by Della Q and much sportier too. Most of the others I have seen have something like 12 pockets for circulars. Plus, The Que is silk and I don't do silk. Knitter's Review did a review of both cases so you can decided for yourself which one you like better.

I am definitely putting this on my birthday wish list. I only have like 3 months to wait. That isn't too long to wait, really it isn't.

I can stand to have my circulars in little baggies for that much longer. Really I can.

If only my left eye would stop twitching ;-)


Channon said...

Nice! Fingers crossed that it is yours on your birthday!

Ingrid said...

OH OH OH I want one!

I want ANYTHING for my circs also. I have nothing decent to store them in. I may have to design something. My sis had a neat little hang on the wall holder thingy that had numbered stuff - but that doesn't work for traveling, either.


Anne said...

SO - yea. That wasn't my mom, it was me. LOL I had to post a pic on her blog for her and forgot to change names back haha

Bubblesknits said...

Ooooh...that looks nice! I've heard good things about them, too.

Friender said...

I have an LB diaper bag and love it! the organization is awesome--it will be my knitting bag when I can finally knit while I"m out with my kids (aka they are old enough not to run into the street at any given moment)

Cass said...

oooooooooh aaaaaaaaah
it's so pretttyyyyy!!!

laurie said...

I too have been looking at bags/cases for WIP as well as this case. I have added it to my Kaboodle account (best way to let others know about wants/needs, where to get them, and cost). Everyone should have a Kaboodle account for their wish lists. Thanks for the link to Lexie Barnes!