Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Your Favorite Handmade Item Contest

The Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Swap is having another contest! Boy do I love me a good contest!

Make a post and hopefully include a photo - of your very favorite handmade item that you actually use or wear. It can be something you made, or it can be something you were given. Or it can be one of each! Let's see some knitterly (and crochetterly!) goodness!(to clarify before the question comes up: if your favorite handmade item isn't knit or crochet, but is instead sewn or otherwise made, that's really fine too :) this is just about showing off how wonderfully crafty we all can be) AND Include a link to something you've seen on another swappers blog that you'd like to make. It can just be a yarn color you liked, or a pattern, or anything you saw and thought "ooh I should make that!"

So first, something I make, of course

A stack of a variety of my soaps! Where you expecting something else? I have been making and using my own soap for over 5 years now and have been loving and enjoying every minute I made that decision. It was the best thing I could have ever done for my skin and it thanks me every day. I have had less eczema break outs since then and I definitely do not look my age :-)

This is a blanket my husband and I received from a family friend for our wedding. It has slowly become the entire family's comfort blanket. The snuggle blanket, the play blanket, the sick blanket, the make a tent in the living room blanket. It has been there for every stage of life so far and we hope it continues to be there.

This is Tuscany from Amy Singer's Book, No Sheep For You. One of these days I am going to knit one of these. First I need to find a good alternative fiber for the silk since I don't knit with silk. Next, i have to wait for Miss Sunshine to no longer jump on me when I knit. It will happen. One day.


Anonymous said...

wow...those soaps look great!
VVS pal

momlee said...

I just bought some Bam Boo yarn - yes, 100% bamboo, feels silky, and about half the $.

NSFY Secret Pal said...

O.K. I must try these soaps from you and will do so after ther big NSFY reveal. My little guy suffers from eczema on his legs, arms and cheeks! I have tried everything --just about every gentle cream and nothing seems to be working!!!!

Its a good thing I found out you are not into silk! I was about to send some your way:)