Friday, July 13, 2007

Do You Have Paraskevidekatriaphobia?

Big long fancy word, isn't it? LOL. Paraskevi means Friday, dekatria means thirteen and phobia means phobia. So, it means a fear of Friday the 13Th. A lot of people have it and a lot of people have a fear of the number 13. When they build a building they will skip the number 13. When numbering houses or streets, they skip the number 13. Airplanes also skip the row 13.

For all the superstitions I have and all the fears I have, amazingly, the number 13 is not one of them. I have the fear I will run out of yarn. I have a fear that I will be close to the end of a project and be running short on yarn and can't find a matching dye lot any where. I have the fear that cotton will become extinct. The fear that Miss Sunshine will pull out my knitting and ruin days worth of knitting, which she has done in the past so it is a good fear to have. I have the fear that I will never get to try corn yarn or those fancy yarns from Japan. I fear I will always be a slow knitter and it always take me forever to finish a project. I am sure there are more knitting fears I have but, I don't want to make the rest of you nervous.

On a lighter note, today is my cousin's birthday so wishing him a very Happy Birthday today!! (poor guy having his birthday occasional falling on Friday the 13Th.)


Bubblesknits said...

Happy Freaky Friday! Besides, as long as Kollage Yarns is open in Alabama, I can get you all the corn yarn you need. :-)

Channon said...

I don't have that phobia, but one of my best friends does. She'll even freak out when she has 13 messages in her inbox.

Lynn said...

LOL I knew what that was before you explained it!! When I lived in NY and worked for the Advertising dept of Newsday, we ran a special ad page for those with "triskaidekaphobia", a fear of the #13. We couldnt use the full fear of Friday the 13th because it was so much longer! I personally like all things superstitiously bad, black cats (I've owed 5 over the years), #13 (I was #13 in my class in high school and graduated on June 13th), dh used to break mirror for a living. And yet on 7/7/07, I wake up with a wicked headache. Go figure!