Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Okay, I Got My Invite To...

Ravelry yesterday and got into the system last night since I was at my parents' yesterday and, well, if I were organizationally obsessed and has this necessity to know all my projects, needles, stash and what I will be making, this would be the tool for me! This thing is a time vacuum and a creativity drain and I see why so many people disappear into the vortex.

My friend Devon must be loving this thing because she LOVES to be organized.

I will slowly put my stash into the system and slowly put all my projects and books, etc. However I rarely knit a pattern straight off the sheet so right there I am off the beaten path. I rarely knit a pattern with the yarn from the pattern so that complicates matters too.

Don't get me wrong, Ravelry is definitely a unique tool that every knitter should eventually sign up to do. You will definitely get something out of it. What that is will be up to you. It will mean something different to different knitters and crocheters and will be different things to different people.

So, no, Cass, I am not disappearing from blogger


Bubblesknits said...

I love the organization part of it!

There are some of us (control freaks) that luv, luv, luv organizing! LOL

cecily said...

You should add me on there! I'm starrypurplehaze. :)

RandomRanter said...

Yay! Ravelry actually appeals to my rogue knitter ways. I can log in and check out other people's use of different yarns or buttons or styles for a project and reassure myself that using three different colorways of variegated yarn is not at all crazy.