Monday, July 23, 2007

The Ole Camp Switch-A-Roo

Each girl was given 4 weeks of regular camp. The Princess got 4 weeks at our community center which was 9AM - 4 PM Monday through Friday with a trip every Thursday. The Princess did her 4 weeks already and now we switch to Miss Sunshine's 4 week stint. Miss Sunshine's is at her preschool 9AM - 1PM and they do specials on the camp groups. The school/camp grounds are HUGE, next to a farm with sheep, goats, cows, and horses and they bring in tons of things for the little ones to do. Oh and they are walking distance from an Arboretum which is incredible!

While Miss Sunshine is at her "real" camp, the Princess is getting to do 2 mini camps. One which is in a few weeks she isn't as overjoyed about. Its a mini sports camp which she did last year where she'll get to try out basketball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and a few other things. She isn't the greatest athlete but at least she's trying. The mini camp she's over the moon about is this week. It's called "Nature Arts and Crafts" and you combine nature and art to make projects to take home. The age range of the kids is 6-12 and of course she is the youngest being 6 but then again she is extremely crafty so we shall see. I think she put some of the other kids to shame today ;-) (a little Mom bragging)

It's a backpack and we do have some fabric markers to finish it at home (of course we do. We have an entire arts and crafts store at home). This was one of the projects they did in the two hour time allotment and it was raining today and this is an outside camp (they have a pavilion they sit under).

Miss Sunshine, from what I could tell, had a great time at camp too.

As for me, I finished HP 7 late last night and still numb. Was that really the last book? I guess I have to wait till the Princess is ready to read them and start all over.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Sounds like you have some crafty kiddos!

I'm surprised there has not been any spoilers (for me, anyway) on HP. I would actually like to know if Harry lives or not, even though I do not read the books!

Channon said...

I remember my camps fondly. It does look as though you have quite the artist there!

on the wings... said...

Awwwh! I remember when my daughter was that age and summer equaled camps of all sorts. Being an only one child gave her more options. We all loved the summer camp thing. What a nice break.
Please don't say anything about HP7 unless you warn ahead of time. My DH is reading it now due to my heavy load of projects/work right now. I am itching to pick the book up but I need several more weeks to get my check list complete and then I will be free to read. I haven't even seen the latest movie, although movies tend to leave me frustrated because so much of the richness and detail of the books are left out (that goes for any book that has been made into a movie).