Monday, July 16, 2007

Sad, Sad, Realization

There comes a time when a knitter really does not like what she is knitting or making and no matter how much she struggles on or pushes herself, she just doesn't like something about what she is knitting. I have been royally struggling with my Plain Strawberry that I am making for the Plain Vanilla KAL that Cass has set up. I really love the pattern and I really want to make this sweater for my sister but, I just can't get into this yarn. It keeps fuzzing on me, I can't see details, it splits, and is uncomfortable to work with. I have finally found a cotton that I am not liking, not one bit. I am finding this quite sad actually.

I truly need to decide what to do. Do I put it away with the fear I might never pick it up again which I have the tendency to do? Do I try to find an alternative yarn for the project? Do I suck it up and just knit on even though I am hating it more and more with every stitch? I don't want to end up taking a "knit" break because of hating this project.

Right now I am procrastinating it so much and find odd and end small knit projects to put off knitting it that in essence I am doing the first one which really isn't fair to the sweater. Such dilemmas.


Bubblesknits said...

I think you know that if you force yourself to do it, you'll be miserable. Knitting is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. I say, cut (or frog) your losses and pick a different yarn to knit the pattern with.

Don't beat youself up over it too much. Bad yarn happens. LOL

Cass said...

sing it sistah.

RandomRanter said...

Yeah, in my experience splitty yarn can look great with textured patterns, but stockinette, it can look messy. If you really love the pattern I would suggest finding another yarn (TLC Cotton plus, Sugar n' Creme? the gauges look close to me) and go for it while you have the KAL spirit. Or not. As everyone has said, it's supposed to be fun.