Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shhhh it's very Quiet, Everyone must be Reading

Yes, my husband, the crazy nut he is, went out last night before mid-night, got in line with a bunch of other crazy nuts and waited to get his copy of "The Deadly Hallows". No, he refused to pre-order because what was the point. He could just run out and get one.

We bought just one copy so his job today is to finish reading the book so I can read it when he is done. I told him he is only allowed bathroom and food breaks, LOL Well, he is the one that doesn't like spoilers and likes it all the be fresh and likes to be surprised and is a much faster reader. Plus he did start reading the series much earlier than me so it seemed only fair.

It is sort of bittersweet really. Although, my oldest is just about at the point where she will be ready to read the first book so, I will get to do it all over again :-)


Channon said...

That's so cool! My hubby rolls his eyes about all things HP. The mail gal hasn't dropped off my copy yet, and that's okay, because I'm trying to get ready for the Pampered Chef show that turns into a surprise baby shower later this afternoon. Tonight, Mugsy (the crup) and I will sit down and read, and then tomorrow, we'll read non-stop. No knitting, probably not even much eating.

I'm so glad you and Miss S. had no complications yesterday! I hope the 1/4 cranky is all gone and you're having a great day.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Yes, I noticed that blogland and email is crazy quiet today. I assume people are reading.

picperfic said...

So glad Little Miss Sunshine is doing well, you must be exhausted with it all...hope you get to read that book soon, I somehow have missed outon the Harry Potter hysteria lol, but my children all love the books and films!

Bubblesknits said...

The hubby tried to go and get it at midnight, but our local Wal-Mart was still without power from the storms. UGH! He had to wait till the next day and go somewhere else.

I have noticed that everything is awfully quiet in blog-land. :-)