Thursday, July 26, 2007

Knitting in the Waiting Room

Went today for my monthly appointment at the neurologist for my migraines. Same ole same ole. He did change one of my medications back to one I took before Miss Sunshine was born so we shall see how that works out.

At any rate, today the waiting room was jam pack full, a first. Doc was running late, as usual, so I of course I had some knitting with me, my soy drawstring bag. No sooner did I pull it out and started a couple of stitches did a few people turn and look and the gentleman across from me asked, "So, what are you making?" Then everyone turned to look to see. I told him a drawstring bag and showed everyone and a few people said it looked great. The man who asked said it could also be a hat, which is true. It sort of looks like one but its a bit long for one. I told him soy isn't that warm for a hat. You should have seen the amazed looks on every ones' faces when I told them it was 100% soy yarn. "You can make yarn from soy?" " Wow! I had never heard of that" "How cool!"

I also got a few "I could never learn to knit" I had half a mind to pull out extra needles and yarn and show them in the waiting room right there, LOL. This is the office where the doctor's assistant knits so we chatted about about knitting too and then it was my turn. Made the time go by so much faster. Well, I will be back in a month.


Alaina said...

LOL - nothing like a "captive" audience....How fun.

Just how do they make soy yarn?

Hope the migraines improve - I HATE when they hit....

Happy knitting.

Bubblesknits said...

It would have been hilarious if the nurse had come to get you and discovered a make-shift knitting class going on in the waiting room! LOL

Hope the migraines get better. ((hugs))