Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Baby Sweater Progress

Who ever wrote the original pattern that I am using for this baby pattern, well, I don't really like it so I have ripped a lot out. Often. This could be why this is taking a lot longer that the original author intended. I also have two very lovely distractions and one grumpy one. I figure if I keep posting pictures of the sweater it will keep me motivated to keep fixing it and knitting it. I am in the home stretch, so to speak, as I am knitting the body and this was knit from the top down and the sleeves are just about done. All the sleeves need is to have the seams stitched .

So this is the front view modeled by on of the Princesses baby dolls.

And this is the back view of the sweater

Eerie how life size the doll is, isn't it?

I think I am going to make two baby hats. One to go with the red and purple kimono and one to go with this sweater. Those would be two great projects for my road trip with my sister. Small and compact, easy to transport and good for an airplane, don't you think?

My third friend having a baby in November isn't sure she is finding out the sex of the baby so I need a good cuff-to-cuff or all-in-one unisex pattern which I might have found in my 2006 calender and I have some organic sage Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton for that. Should fit the job nicely. I am definitely preferring these patterns where I don't have to sew on the sleeves later

The fourth baby isn't due till probably February so I am all the time I need to plan for it and there are the holidays before that. I posted on some one's blog that is has become the summer of baby knits. It sure has

The Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap is way past the half way mark. I am debating if I want to make Lime Margarita soap or Creamy Coconut Soap for the Occasion....

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Bubblesknits said...

I like the idea of doing baby hats to match the two sweaters! Very cute. :-) Your friend is going to be so happy with her gifts!