Saturday, June 23, 2007

Spent the Day with an Old Friend, a PenPal of Sorts

When I got pregnant with the Princess 7 years ago, I went online and found a wonderful group of women who were also pregnant and due in the same month as me. We were all part of a message board and chatted together, shared stories, compared notes and helped each other through a lot during that time and have stayed together for the past 7 years of our lives as our little ones have grown. Some have come and gone, of course. Some have had new babies (like me), some have gotten divorced, remarried, moved, all the ups and downs of life and we have all been friends through all of it. About a core 30 of us for the past 7 years. Sort of modern day penpals in a way. Chatting away about our day to day lives, the ups and downs of our child who was due to be born in October of 2000 but also the rest of it.

I got to meet IRL one of the women of this group yesterday because she and her daughter (and the rest of the family) live in Tampa which is 1 hour from Sarasota. IT was AMAZING. We have known each other for 7 years yet have never seen each other face to face. She had never met anyone IRL from the group before. I was the first one. I am lucky enough to have someone who lives near my parents home and we get together often. It was great to chat face to face. What a fabulous experience! It will be great next time we come to visit my sister because I can bring the Princess with me and the girls can meet too.

It was definitely a great day!


cecily said...

Your package went in the mail today! :)

Devonshire said...

How cool is that? Travel home safely.