Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Coffee Knitter's Swap 2 Package Arrived

My swap package arrived and I took a quick photo of it. I think I might take the Phoenix with me on my trip. It is one I have wanted to try and I recently came across a cute little drawstring bag that might be ideal for a small skein of worsted weight yarn. Or it might be idea for a soap sack someone pointed out to be recently. Hmm, a soap sack, who would have thought ;-)
My Tea swap partner is on vacation, so I will probably hear from her when I get back from my trip. She got her purple explosion from me already. Funny how they paired two people who love purple together. (Jessi you know I love you too) Speaking of Jessi, I hope I am not too bored with her away on vacation the rest of this week. I am actualy going to miss her.


cecily said...

Ok. so. I'm back from my trip, I got back on Sunday. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting on a piece for your package. When do you get back from your trip to Florida, so that I can make sure to send it in time for you to have it when you're back?

cecily said...

P.S. Have you tried Ingeo yarn? It's made out of CORN...it's kind of weird, but kind of cool, and I recommend it. :)