Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Gripe for Today

I went and checked my email this morning and was so excited because I had an email from Knitter's Review and it was an in depth review of yarn from a company they saw at the TNNA. I was so excited!!! Being like all knitters, I am a yarn addict and need to read about new yarns to see what will be next on my wish list and perhaps when I get back I will have made a small dent in my stash and need to make a small purchase. Well, it could happen!

As I scroll down the newsletter I see Highland Wool Alpaca, Merino wool and Alpaca, 100% Merino Alpaca, Mohair and silk, 100% Silk, and another 100% merino wool. You know where this is going. Okay, where is the vegan yarn? Where is the non-animal fiber yarn? If I were to actually knit with silk, which I don't, there is only one option and it really did not appeal to me because it was a "fancy, unique" texture and the reviewer classified this as a novelty yarn and recommends stranding it with another yarn. Uh, hello? Which other yarn?! However, I do not knit with silk.

Oh well, scratch yet another yarn company off my list of companies to buy from. Credit card is saved yet again.

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Cass said...

Amen sistah!

next we'll have you swearing off meat. :)