Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday Mutterings

Yesterday morning I went to visit my very good friend who had just had a baby girl on Tuesday. The little princess is in the NICU because she is a little jaundice and and they are watching her just in case due to the fact that her mom's blood is negative and the baby is positive. We knew all of this ahead of time though. If all goes well, though, the little angel could be home Monday. She is the proud new owner of the Pink and yellow poncho and matching hat I made her a little while ago. She also looks just like her big brother and big sister did at this age. How cute is that?!

Between my good friend having a baby, finishing up my after school program our knitting group's first sip N knit (which was Wednesday night and oh so much fun!)and my mom's retirement, it has been a very busy week. My girls finish up school next week if you can call it that. The princess has all half days culminating with her last day being let out at 11:15 AM. What in the world is the point of that?

Today I hope to get to run over to Nordstrom's since it is their half yearly sale. Believe it or not I am going to look at fall kids clothes for the girls. Scary huh?

Tomorrow hopefully we are going to make Father's Day gifts for their one and only grandfather. Hand-dipped chocolates. He will LOVE it. Even though they won't actually see him on Father's Day, I will try to slip in a few extra trips over there this coming week before my trip with my sister and their trip to the mountains.

I will close out this posting with my closing part of my speech from my Mom's retirement dinner. I didn't want to put in my entire speech since there is a bit of inside jokes but to give you a taste.

What is a teacher? ~ by Barbara Cage

A teacher is someone who sees each child as a unique person
and encourages individual talents and strengths.

A teacher looks beyond each child's face and sees inside their souls.

A teacher is someone with a special touch and a ready smile
who takes the time to listen to both sides and always tries to be fair.

A teacher has a caring heart that respects and understands.

A teacher is someone who can look past disruption and rebellion,
and recognize hurt and pain.

A teacher teachers the entire child
and helps to build confidence and raise self-esteem.

A teacher makes a difference in each child's life and affects each family
and the future of us all.

A teacher is my Mom in her past in her present and in her future.

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Bubblesknits said...

Ugh. Fall clothes shopping. I guess I need to start thinking about that, too.