Thursday, June 14, 2007


I went to visit a knitting friend this morning and she gave me a slew of knitting patterns that are knit all-in-one!! Yippee!!

She lent me a copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise and sent me a link to a Knit along which, of course, I put in my favorites collection. Amazingly I have never made it before. Amazingly I have never made a lot of patterns before, LOL

There is a Mother and daughter pattern in the pile not that I am about to knit a Mother/ daughter set but all that needs to be done is seams sewn. Several very cute baby patterns, a baby jacket. I did borrow a pullover pattern, yes, I know so against my theory for babies, but it is cute.

I think now, with everything, I definitely have enough variety, LOL. These babies are never even going to meet each other but, if they do they won't be offended that I made them all the same thing.

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Amanda1 said...

Those patterns are a nice score. I'm not a big fan of sewing pieces together... top-down raglans are great for me! ha ha...