Saturday, June 02, 2007

More babies!!!

I JUST found out another very good friend of mine is PREGNANT!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I met her when I was pregnant with the Princesses and she was pregnant with her eldest and we were BOTH due at the same time. We actually met online at an online expecting club and realized we lived practically around the corner from each other. Then we both got pregnant again at the same time and I had Miss Sunshine and she had her little darling about a week apart. Now she is pregnant again for the third time. No, this time she is going it alone, LOL.

This means more baby knit items!!! Yippee!!! I have tons of time since I think she, herself just found out and is probably not due till like February. What is in the water these days? This makes my fourth friend having a baby with in a year of each other. Good for my knitting projects though.


Bubblesknits said...

Don't you just luv that new baby smell? Of course, it's always even better when you can snuggle them and then pass them back to mama. ;)

Michelle said...

I have the perfect hat for you to knit a newborn in February... theres a pic on my blog of my youngest modeling one I knit for my good friends newborn... 'click on knitting' in the top nav bar and you can find the snowman hat...

Thanks for the soaps by the way.. they're awesome! My swap buddies are going to love them... will you have any special 'vacation swap' scents?? a pina colada or a blue drink?? hehehe