Monday, June 25, 2007

Trip Review

My sister's husband got a great opportunity to move to Sarasota so off they were moving to Florida. What a whirlwind move. Within 2 months they were all moved and I am already back home.

My sister asked me if I wanted to drive down with her since my Mom couldn't leave work (she's a teacher and is retiring this year). I thought what a great opportunity for a vacation since I haven't taken one since I was pregnant with the Princess and it would great to spend some one on one time with my sister which we never get to do anymore. AAA's direction takes us right through Walt Disney World, my favorite place on Earth I took it as a chance to stop there as well so we planned that as part of the trip.

We left Sunday morning and drove straight for 10 hours with barely any complications except two accidents in Virginia and spent the first night at a lovely Best Western just passed South of the Border in South Carolina. Monday we took it a bit slower, spent some time in St. Augustine Florida and got to Orlando by 6 PM. After checking in we went to Downtown Disney. Gosh I love that! The first day we spent at:

I am on the left, on the right is my sister. Now you can see why I say it is so easy to knit for her.

We did Epcot and Magic Kingdom and drove to Sarasota on Thursday. Beautiful town. White sandy beaches, wide open spaces. Just lovely. I did get some knitting in and worked more on my baby hat and almost finished it. Started two little bags but I really wanted to start and finish one for my sister which I did.

She even used it a few times while I was there. She can fit some money, her keys, ID and credit card in there and it is perfect for a beach community. Well, I think so anyway. I will finish all the projects I started down there. It is weird for me to have 4 projects going at the same time but being in the car I wanted to have easy things to work on. Plus being in the plane I didn't want to have to cast on or have to cut anything. I think I was over prepared, LOL

I did go to visit the two LYS they have in Sarasota. I did like one a whole heck of a lot more than the other just for the "feel" of it. It was funny, to me, though, neither were too familiar with the blog world. I bought some Crystal Palace Bamboozle in Strawberries and Limes that I had never seen before.

Came home to a mess from the hubby. The kids came home on Saturday and were so excited to see me especially Miss Sunshine.

I am now frantically working on my pairings for the KVVS and I got some packages from non-knitting swaps I need to open (can't wait!!). It is good to be home though.


Bubblesknits said...

The bag turned out really well! What did you knit it out of? I haven't tried the Bamboozle yet, but I hear it's a thicker version of the Panda Cotton.

Lynn said...

Isnt disney great??? Except in the summer, its WAY too hot for me to go now. Glad you had fun!!