Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Okay, I have this little dilemma. I leave next Sunday on my first "real" vacation in 7 years. I haven't gone away from my girls for more than 2-3 days, ie a long weekend. I am also going with a non-knitter, my sister, in the car for a two day drive where I will be doing most of the driving since I have the better sense of direction and then staying with her and her husband down in Florida, their new home helping them get organized, etc. So I do not know how much time I will have to knit. I do know we will be spending 2 1/2 days in Orlando (HOORAY!). I did already scope out, online, the two knitting shops in their town and my BIL graciously found them for me already. He has already been down there for three weeks since his job started already. I will have free time once down there to go visit the shops, perhaps Friday.

My dilemma is what do I take project wise? I don't want to seem rude to my hosts and be knitting all the time. I was planning on taking three hanks of Mission Falls cotton to make 3 baby hats from the "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" Book. Then I found this cute bag pattern I want to make from an old magazine but am I getting to ambitious or am I not taking enough? HELP!!

On a side note, this little cutie was born last Tuesday. Her big brother is one of Miss Sunshine's best buds and her Mom is one of mine. Her big sister and I had been keeping company every Monday while she and Mom went and got checked out. She does look just like her big sis.

She is the proud new owner of the Pink N Yellow poncho and matching hat. I have to get mom to take a picture of her in it


Cass said...

Hey- do you have No Sheep for You? If not, I'll scan and send you a couple of cool patterns, one of which would look great with that 1 skein of yarn you posted a while back. Let me know!

Lynn said...

Welcome to Orlando!! I just signed up for the KVVS and am very excited abt it! I'm visiting the blogs of our hosts and what do I see but you are coming out this way!! Is one of the shops you're going to Sip N Knit? It's a nice shop and the owner is very nice. Have fun while visiting, but I warn you, ITS HOT!

RandomRanter said...

Well, I am an over-packer, but I would say two-three projects seems about right. Something easy and something else for if you finish that and something that if you get bored with the others, you can work on.

Friender said...

I think that enough yarn for three hats sounds perfect to me. If it's not, you can always buy something as a "souvenir project" in Orlando!