Monday, June 11, 2007

Half Days

The Princess has an entire week of half days this week with the last day being the most ridiculous one of all with her going in at 9 AM and getting out at 11:15AM. uh, why bother? I know I really shouldn't complain. A lot of kindergartens are half day all year. For her she is on vacation already. I am not quite sure what they are doing over there. Finishing up I guess. They didn't have any snow days so these are all extras. In my mind anyway.

She is already dreaming of packing her bag for the mountains and dreaming of walks in the woods, swimming in the lake and climbing trees. While I am helping my sister move to Florida, the girlies will be in the Poconos with my Mother-in-law.

Of course I have been half tempted to take the Princess with us so has my sister. My sister and the Princess took a short drive yesterday to run errands. They are two peas in a pod. They look so much alike. More like Mother and daughter than the Princess and I do and their personalities match more too. It will definitely be great when she is a teen and doesn't want to talk to boring old Mom. However, none of that would be fair to Miss Sunshine so the Princess is staying home.

Half Days, who come up with that idea?


Cass said...

Ahhh, same situation here. My sister and my oldest are so much alike. Now that she's 16, she has her aunt to be her confidant. It's wonderful. :)

Friender said...

I dunno, if we had half-day kindergarten here, my son would be going this coming fall. Instead, since he turns 5 on August 12 and is behind in some areas (and ahead in others), he will go to preschool for another year and go to kindergarten next year. I don't think he could socially/emotionally handle a full day of school every day of the week.m

Bubblesknits said...

That's how most of ours are here. Half-days and as they get older, the days get longer. Typically, it's just enough time to drop them off, run to the bank, grab a smoothie and then it's time to pick them back up. LOL