Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And the Knitter's Treat Exchange is on!

I have been saying all along this is my first knitters/crocheters swap but then I realized it isn't. I am in a small group from yahoo called The Knitting Sisters Swappers that paired you up with someone and you swapper yarn and other goodies with them. The only problem was I was paired with my good soaping buddy who I have know and love for years, there was no mystery there. It was pretty easy to send her stuff. I could have just called her on the phone and asked her, so, what are you low on and what do you need? Of course she was the one that introduced me to that group so what was I really expecting on a group with so few people?

This is different. This is a one on one swap so from the outside it does look somewhat similar but look closer. First there are over 140 participants from probably over 10 different countries that I counted. Probably more than that. A few people might know each other from before but, I highly doubt that the grand ladies who hosted this swap matched anyone who knew each other together. Then again, it is a secret. How do 140 people from all over the world who are knitters or crocheters keep a secret? I haven't a clue but thankfully this is a one off swap otherwise the tension might kill someone!

I am really not much for surprises but for some reason I love swaps. Here I am receiving from someone I don't know and giving to someone I don't know and I love it! I have been in contact with both, don't know either, really, other than perhaps having read their blogs (I can only speculate about whom I am receiving from since, yes, I looked at every single blog of all the participates) and we have but one common thread, a love of that long stringy stuff, yarn. Oh and receiving goodies in the mail :-)

It is all very exciting!! Now what to send to my buddy... too many choices... I need to look through my inventory of soaps and lotions for her... or perhaps she'd like Shea butter? Oh some lip balm for the summer if it ever warms up!! I know, a nice whipped body butter..... too many choices .....


Frances said...

I forgot to sign up for this in time. Too bad for me!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...soooo...I guess it wouldn't help with the suspense if I told you that I'm sitting here looking at all the treats that I got for you today. Wonder when I should mail them... ;)

Sharon said...

My KTE buddy is a comedian....

Friender said...

Whomever you got is going to be very lucky, what with your soap talents and all. I agree, it's pretty exciting. Whomever got me is a poet...I got a cute little poem in my comments the other day. I've pulled together most of the things i"m going to send, but just waiting on some sock yarn to arrive for her. I need to mail next week though because she's in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Little boxes sitting in a row,
Little boxes waiting in a row.
Little treats and gifts go in,
Little surprises, big surprises
They all go in.
Now they sit, now they wait.
Now I sit, now I wait.

Hope your day is going well!
Your KTE Comedian