Saturday, April 28, 2007

A few WIPS

I thought I would snap a few photos of my WIPs since I don't think I have ever done that and post about them.

This first one is the Princess's sweater. The body is complete just needs to be sewn. One sleeve is done and the other is just about finished. Sorry, it isn't the best picture but Sunshine was jumping up and down on my bed as I was attempting to take these pictures. Typical for her, btw. As I was taking the pictures, Miss Princess walks in the room and says, Oh that is my sweater. I changed my mind. I don't want a full sweater anymore. I just want a vest now, can you do that? I want just a vest where I can wear a red or black shirt underneath. So the next picture is just the body without the sleeves.

This is what it will look like without sleeves. The original pattern, of course, has no finishing so I am going to have to figure something out for the arm holes and neck. I guess the sleeves will get the ole frog treatment. Maybe I will make a hat and slippers out of them. The yarn was a gift from the coordinator of my knitting group and I have already made a baby blanket out of it

This is the baby hat I am making that goes with the poncho I posted a few day ago. I am making it for a friend whose baby is due at the beginning of June but, she will probably be induced early due to a blood disorder the baby already has thanks to the Mom being "negative" and the baby being "positive". Since it is her third and probably her last, I didn't want to do the traditional blanket which I am sure she has plenty of but decided to make something a little bit different.

I am really not a "fan" of Feather and Fan so I am not quite sure why in the world I casted that on. I will probably not make that a long scarf. If I get bored enough, Barbie might end up with a very nice blanket (it is longer than that right now, so maybe the teddy bear?)

Of course now is when I start day dreaming of what I want to do next. Sunshine's Vest is too warm to do in the summer so besides the Knitted Babe, who knows....


anne marie in philly said...

thanks for the props!

you could always do single crochet around the vest's arm/neck holes. just a suggestion...

Sue J. said...

Lovely colors. Looks very bright and cheery. I do like Feather and Fan, so I will be anxious to see your progress. Have a great weekend.