Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Is that Knit?

I was at a Dinner at my Aunt's house last night and she had a burgundy knit throw on her very white couch. Of course I had to go and sit on said couch so that I could feel the throw look at the stitches when no one was looking, and see if it was bought or knit. It was very soft and I am sure it was just there to add some color and decoration to the room. No one knit it that she knew, it was bought wither by my Aunt's decorator or by my Aunt but not a handmade gift from someone she knew. Doesn't mean it wasn't handmade but it was paid for. Bummer. And Yes, the woman who taught me to knit, my Grandmother, was this Aunt's Mother but, she never taught my Aunt to knit. not quite she why not.

My Mom was sitting there having a conversation with me but not on the couch. I wonder if she noticed me checking out the throw. Probably. I can never put anything past my own mother. Who doesn't knit herself but had somehow managed to persuade everyone she knows who knits to gift her a knitted throw or crocheted blanket so her home is filled with handmade gifts. She doesn't come right out and ask so admires your handy work so much so that you think it would be an honor to gift her something because she would treasure it so. Which of course she does. So it is worth the time and effort, heart and soul you put into it to begin with.

Oh, I do have an FO. Another Washcloth. My Pink and Purple Sugar and Cream finally has a final resting place. I did not frog it again. Sine my fashion tip I got emailed this morning said that eyelets were in fashion and that you should add something with eyelets to your wardrobe, my Pink and Purple washcloth should fit right in and feel very comfortable. or perhaps I need to stop staring at the wool int he woods Cotton I bought in New Jersey, wind it and make something out of it already. Like that is going to happen.

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