Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A WIP that is almost finished

I put it out it out there, I set the date and now it is almost finished! I can't believe it and it is a first for me too. It isn't a scarf, slippers nor a hat. No, not that sweater I promised my daughter that still sits on the needles and thankfully I made a size bigger for next season not that it would matter since she is very petite and slender (I envy her). It is the baby poncho for my friend's baby that isn't even due till the last week in May first week in June.

Actually, technically, the poncho itself is done. I stayed up past my bedtime and sewed the rectangles together and all. I want to make a little rosette for the front and I think I want to trim the edges in some fun fur, hot pink, but I need to learn how to do it. Luckily, I have my knitting group tomorrow night and several of the ladies have volunteered to teach me. They "claim" it is easy to do so we shall see"

I will actually be able to cross something off my list this week. hooray!!

Now on to the next. A few washcloths and my Mom's hat.... I actually started one washcloth for a bridal shower already. Everyone in my knit group is making a washcloth for one of our members bridal shower. Isn't that fab?

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Sally said...

Bring the poncho chica. I'll help you crochet the edge if you want.

See you tonight!!