Sunday, April 29, 2007

Checking Things Off That Project List

I am the Queen of leaving things left unfinished and/or messy. Just ask my husband. With my knitting I really want to clear up some projects because in good conscience I couldn't start any new projects without finishing up at least one or two really old ones and a few new ones before I cast on some thing else. So, yesterday, I cleared off two projects. The third, the now sweater vest is going to need a little assistance so it is going to have to wait till perhaps Wednesday and my knitting group's assistance. So with a clear mind, I will be able to cast on something else later today.

First, here is a close up of my Pink Feather and fan. I wanted to capture some detail rather than the length. Since I do not, nor can I, knit in animal fiber, I always try to find something that will capture the lace pattern and hold it. This is Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in Colorway Crush. Probably not the best choice for this project. Probably why I was not in love this time around as I have been in the past but a 4 row repeat is an easier lace repeat to remember when you have a toddler who interrupts you all the time when you knit. and you don't worry as much when it isn't a $30 a hank yarn.

Next is something I am very proud of. not because it is a hat done on circulars, because I have done a few of those but because I thought I was going to need help moving the hat from circulars to double pointed needles and I did it all on my own. I happen to have a fear of the DPN. They scare me. I am always afraid I am going to mess up my project and have to rip the entire project out. I have had nightmares about it. There I was, doing my decrease and I was seriously thinking of stopping as it got to that "magic" moment where I need to switch. I looked for the DPNs, laid them down and stared for what seemed like ages. Then I thought, I can do this. I really can. Very nervously and shaking like a leaf, I moved those stitches to those chopsticks. They dangled, poked and kept moving on me. Sunshine kept asking, Whatcha doing? I guess I looked scared and confused so she was worried about me. I muddled through and I was actually working with those pointy sticks all by myself without supervision.

So, here is the hat, a pattern I wrote, on my lovely model Baby Alive.

This is the full ensemble, Hat and poncho together, that is the gift for my friend's baby to be born very soon. Modeled again on Baby Alive. When my daughters are done with this doll I am going to to have to keep it just for its modeling capabilities.

The Princess is ready for her knitted babe. She knows she is next on the list. She doesn't even care about her dress anymore. She wants her doll. LOL


Kat said...

HI!!!! Just thought I would drop by, love the FO's, well done with the hat, DPN's aren't so trciky once you get used to them, try using wooden ones, the yarn stays on much better, glad you liked my poem, I was pretty impressed with my efforts too!

Mistress of the Stash said...

Oh, Sharon! They look great! I remember my first time with DPNs and I was the same way. But, Kat's right, it does get easier once you get used to them. You did a fabulous job, though!

Devonshire said...

The hat and ponch look great!!! I love the colors. Just signed up for the dishcloth swap! Must finish my projects too!

She'saCraftyOne said...

Is the hat & poncho set knit out of the same Cherry Tree Hill yarn that you sent me? It knit up lovely. Still browsing around to find the perfect pattern for my yarn ;-)

Sharon said...

Michele, yes ma'am, same yarn. I could resist getting some of the same yarn for myself too ;-) I also bought this pattern from yarn market
Rainbow Ribbon Bag
after I mailed your box to you that is very cute but, I haven't made it yet. I will email you the link also.