Friday, April 13, 2007

Trip To Texas?

One of my closest soaping buddies moved from New Jersey to Texas at the end of last year. I really miss her. She is one of the many reasons I began to play with cold process soap and persuaded me to make liquid soap. I taught her how to make whipped body butter and helped her get her lotion formula just right.

She lived maybe an hour and 15 minutes from me and we got together several times a year to make soap, swap supplies and to harass the sales people at the local malls. We even went into NYC together to a trade show for natural bath and body products and the International Gift Show one year.

We email almost daily and chat on the phone every so often thanks to many minutes and free long distance but, of course, it is not the same thing. Every time we speak she asks when I am coming to visit her. When we spoke last night is was no different she even had another one of our friends over helping separate out some Shea, cocoa and palm butters which, of course, the two of them trying to persuade me did not help.

The last time I got on a plane was July 2000 when I was pregnant with the Little Princess. I just haven't had a need or desire to fly any where since then. I had been flying once or twice every year of my life since I was 9 months old so I was quite content to not be flying any where.

I am half debating taking the Princess with me IF I actually decide to eventually go. She has actually been begging me to take her on a plane. Why? I have no idea.

I'd have to see what a flight would cost but, I definitely have plenty of people to stay with. There is a huge soap community in Texas and I have known them, at least through phone conversations and email, for years. Then there I my friend from New Jersey who I actually know IRL. She can't wait till I come visit her in her new home. She says she has the guest room all ready for me.

PS Those who asked for the information on that other swap: You are going to have to wait till after I sign up for me to post the information unless you email me. I am taking the Yarn Harlot's advice in this one, thank you very much. I want to make sure I get a space in that swap since they are limiting it :-)

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