Friday, April 20, 2007

Finally an FO

Almost my entire knitting group is making wash cloths for my friend Aileen's bridal shower. This is one of the ones I made. It was requested. She gave anyone who would take Sugar and Cream Cotton a ball of yarn since I wasn't there that day, she made sure to give one to me because she wanted a round cloth. I am infamous for them.
I happen to sell them with my soaps. I sometimes get ladies who just buy the clothes because they like the pattern. I once had a knitter buy one because she wanted to figure out the pattern. I actually had someone insist once it was crochet and since I don't crochet, I told her I swear it is knit but she didn't believe me. She had been knitting for years and continued to insist it was crochet till I pulled out my needles from behind the table with one on the needles and demonstrated it for her. She was definitely fascinated. I think if I do that show again I should print up the pattern and sell it there ;-)
I have played with this pattern so often, I think I can do it in my sleep by now. I wonder if I can figure out to do it on dpns now? I am very clumsy when it comes to dpns so I don't do much except i-cord with them but, I might give it a go. Better than having to stitch it up.
I have another FO I never photographed. Little Miss Sunshine's Winter hat. It matches her green coat, of course.
Her favorite color is green, as you've read and the Princess's favorite color is Pink. When I first made the hat, I really wasn't sure who was going to be the owner so I used both their favorite colors. As it was going along, Miss Sunshine laid claim and that, as they say, was history. It is made with Knit Picks Shine Worsted and I really liked working with and might have to get more of it. The tie was added later since Miss Sunshine is not one for keeping on her hat and I can remove it next winter very easily.
I did start a little flower brooch for the poncho but now, I think I am debating it and might toss that idea. sometimes I need to say enough is enough and end my master piece. I am going to think on it a bit more and make a decision this weekend.
Another knit shop in my area is closing. How sad is that? This makes the second in two months. We are going to check it out this weekend. I have never actually been to that one. Maybe that is why it is going out of business ;-) At least I think spring is starting to arrive here


Andrea said...

I like the washcloth. Very pretty.

Friender said...

Both of your FOs are very nice! So you sew the round washcloth? I was wondering how you'd do that without dpns. I made a tulip washcloth once that had you knit each of the petals and then join them all on a circular needle and then decrease to use dpns. I thought it was cute, but it needed extreme blocking--lots of curling and rolling, unfortunately.

B said...

That washcloth looks really complicated; I actually assumed it was on dpn. May I ask where you got the pattern? I think I want to knit some washcloths because they seem like nice little instant gratification projects. I love that hat, too. It's nice and bright for gloomy winter.

Mistress of the Stash said...

The dishcloth is so pretty! I just started another one today (bright pink with a butterfly in the center). Oh, and I made a run by Michael's and took advantage of that .99 sale! Lots of pretty varigated colors!

miss ewe said...

That IS a nice washcloth! I'd be up for knitting one of those!

That's really sad about your closing LYS. Maybe they'll have a closing sale, at least...?