Monday, April 16, 2007

What the Hey, More Swaps and Exchanges

First I have to begin this post by saying it is April 16th, I live just a hip, skip and a jump from downtown Philadelphia and it is SNOWING IN APRIL. This is right folks. The Princess's school called me already to say school will be delayed two hours because of the weather. In April. You know, spring.. After Easter/Passover. When the kids should be playing outside in short sleeves, riding bicycles, climbing the treeing my front yard, going to the playground every day. No wonder my sister is moving to Florida. Ah but I digress.

My swap addiction is on a roll now. There is no stopping it. I am going to have to stop surfing the other knitter's blogs soon. Yesterday while printing labels for a party favor order, I found yet another knitter's exchange "Spring Into Summer" Dishcloth Exchange. Add that to the one I already knew about that has their sign ups begin today, Knitter's Coffee Swap 2, that I found during last time's label printing session which makes my count to five knitting swaps/exchanges. Don't add in my soap swaps because that would be just way too many.

I like the "Spring Into Summer" Dishcloth Exchange because it isn't just the cloth but you can add some goodies to it including a soap which, of course, I emailed the organizer right away that I sell handmade soaps and could she pretty please link my web site to the exchange's blog. She happily did so. Also the total value isn't too high like some of the other ones.

I like the Knitter's Coffee Swap 2 because well, it's coffee and what self respecting Colombian doesn't like coffee? I was bummed when I found this group at the tail end of their last exchange because I had missed out but, happy when they decided to do for another round. I can just smell it now. Or is that the coffee sitting next to me? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Something knitty your way comes. ;) Be looking for a package in a few days.

Your KTE Pal

Anne said...

Hahah.. we're so alike.. I signed up for the Knitter's Coffee Exchange too - we will die from all the swaps we've joined!

Sally said...

Hmmm, does DH know about these? That's why I'm not participating in more of them! I mailed out my package for my KTE the other day, and the postage cost almost as much as the contents! AAAAHHHH!

B said...

I signed up for the Coffee Swap, too! My 2 addictions--yarn and coffee!