Saturday, April 21, 2007

Another Gift Giving Occasion

Mother's Day is now less than a month away. I need to think of something the girls can make both grandmothers, my SIL, my husband's Aunt (even though she isn't technically a mother she sort of helped raise him) and realistically me. Yes, I sit there and help them make my gift since hubby waits till the last minute and the horror actually BUYS me a gift. No matter how many times I tell him to do something crafty with the girls. No matter how many times I tell him to make the cards with them instead of buying them. No matter how many times I tell him I want it to come from the heart instead of the wallet. He doesn't get it.

I really and truly do it for a few reasons. The Princess LOVES it. She can't wait and has already asked what we are making this year in January for Mother's Day and Father's Day. My Mom loves it too. She has every single gift on display in her room. Well, except the years we made chocolates and other edibles, of course. My MIL I am not so sure. I think she likes the gifts but, like her son is more of an open your wallet and spend some money on me kind of a person. My SIL definitely is but, I think she understands because she has three boys of her own and she loves receiving gifts from little girls. Receiving a hand knit gift is a different story but, we won't go there. That has me thinking, I wonder if she will take a hand knit gift from the Princess once the Princess starts knitting? AH but I digress since she isn't knitting yet.

Think...Think...Think.... Quoting one of my favorite characters.... (Winnie the Pooh)

I Know!! Both girls took spring school pictures. We could make paint wooden picture frames and give every one school pictures. We have some leftover paint from the jewelry boxes we made at holiday time and neglectful me still hasn't given anyone a picture yet. It sometimes pays to be forgetful, LOL

My Mom already knows she is getting the Floppy hat from me. So that she is happy, I am going to have her pick the yarn too although, where do you think I get my obsession with purple from? ;-) She also wants an assortment of travel size shower gels and lotions for her trip with a travel case with zippers. I am going to see if one someone from my knitting group can make a case with zippers but the gels and lotions I can definitely oblige her with. Just made a fresh batch of shower gel the other day and can make lotion whenever.

AS for MIL, I am thinking some soaps. She does love my soaps. I will give her that. Oh and my sprays. Since it is getting close to the season where she spends a lot of time at the house in the Mountains I might make her some of that too. Maybe some Citronella or Lemon Eucalyptus spray this year for the bugs. Every time I give her something knitted, I never see it again so I think she just gives it to the dog. in fact, I think last time I purposely just made something for the dog because the Princess technically shares custody with him and that is what she wanted me to do. So, I did.

As for me, well, I want a day to relax and knit but, I am not going to get it so you think I can run and hide somewhere? Hmm wishful thinking.

Looks like I'll be going to Dollar tree, Michael's or AC Moore in the near future to find some wooden picture frames to paint. The Princess will be happy. I just have to Little Miss Sunshine interested or at least away from it and not too messy.


Devonshire said...

I love making presents, isn't it fun? Thanks for the comment on my blog. The knitter's exchange has been really fun! You could add buttons or beads to the frames too as another way to decorate them. The Tacky Glue works great for this and it dries clear, yah! By the way I love the round washcloth. I was thinking of joining up for the summer dishcloth exchange they look like so much fun to knit. Sorry for the long comment...Happy Saturday!

Frances said...

My kids gave me both store bought and handmade gifts when they were young. I have most of the handmade ones and I still treasure some of the store bought one. I still have a green plastic jewlery box that Steven and Caroline proudly gave me one year on my dresser!