Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Miss Sunshine

My youngest daughter turns 4 today so Happy Birthday Little Miss Sunshine!!

She already had her birthday party two Saturdays ago with a party at our community center with some of her classmates, her playgroup and a cousin or two with a Backyardigan's theme. We gave everyone a Backyardigan's Book and some stickers because I am tired of all the candy they get as party favors. Served pizza and cake and we were done. So worth it to not have the party in my house and have to clean up.

She couldn't make up her little mind as to what she wanted, either a blanket or a vest so that green and purple chenille you saw in a previous post is her gift still wound up in nice little balls of yarn. She did get some nice Tinkerbell goodies, her favorite Disney Character, because you guessed it, she is green.

She is a woman after my own heart, she has told me all morning she is still three and it is not her birthday, Aww, she doesn't want to get older already. I told her to just wait.

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Kat said...

Happy Birthday Little Miss Sunshine!