Thursday, April 12, 2007

Surveying the Stash

My friend Aileen was coming over with freshly wound yarn (gosh I love her!!) and I wanted to go through my yarn to see what I had that was buried deep down that was not yet would to see if I could beg her to wind for me. I, of course, came up with a few hanks of mystery yarn. A hank of Wool in the Woods I bought during my trip to New Jersey, a still unwound hank of my favorite Blue Heron Chenille (ohhhh does that feel sooo soft), a mystery bag of Cherry Tree Hill non-animal fiber yarns but I also got to oo and ahh over all my other yarns too. If your stash is still at the controllable stages, your really should go and revisit some of your old friends. They really do miss you.

Speaking of old friends, I came across one in my survey of my stash. Actually 8 of them. It was my first "I can't believe I bought it" purchase. I think I bought 12 of them and I am now down to 8 of them but I bought it over a year and half ago so I am moving pretty slowly through it. Now I read it is being discontinued so, I might move even more slowly through it. It is Rowan Cotton Tape. (This is the only picture of it I could find. My camera is out and about today) I have used it in a hat for little miss Sunshine with a green cotton from Knit Picks, I made a head scarf for the princess with it and I have used it in a belt for a friend and I even think I used it in a wash cloth believe it or not. Yet, I still have a ton left. Fever or #555 is the color I have which is a hot pink and it was a bargain at the time of my purchase, I think it was like $2.50 off the original price. I also think it was my first non-Internet purchase of what I would call "real" yarn not to offend but non-acrylic, name brand yarn. i guess no matter what, I am going to have to keep some of this around for posterity's sake

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Jessica said...

Hi Sharon! I saw your post on MommySusieKnits about the coffee swap for knitters. Would you mind posting the info on your blog? Thanks!