Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Project List


I figure if I wrote it in big letters I'd get the point across my head, I didn't mean it as a shout at you.

I do what is easy. It is easy for me to sit in front of this computer. It sits smack dab in the middle of my kids playroom. Right in the middle of their games, toys, television, computer and work tables. It is a stone's throw from the laundry room (not that I like to do that either). It makes it very easy to do research for projects, knitting or soaping, design web sites (one of my other jobs) or just surf the net. It doesn't make it too convenient to knit.

I decided if I put my list of projects I want to knit in the next few months out there, out of my head, written down some where that I can't lose the list, perhaps it will be the motivator to actually make me bring my knitting into the kids playroom and knit while I am there. I still have my major deterrent in my 4 year old. She still likes to grab at my needles, my yarn, my knitting but, I am getting better at dodging her. Also yarn cakes are so much easier to carry around with me and knit standing with than cheaper large balls of yarn. Something new I learned.

Something else I know about me. If I don't have a due date for a project forget it ever getting finished. My first project on the needles is a baby poncho for a friend's baby due in early June but she could be forced to deliver at the end of May. What better motivator? I have a limited amount of time to get it done so I am moving my tush as fast as I can. If I don't get it done in time and the kids is born, she could outgrow it and then what was the point? I just started it and I already have 6 inches of the 16 I need for the first panel. For me that is a lot especially since my kids and husband have been on vacation.

The next project is my floppy hat for my Mom for a trip they leave for July 1st. The yarn is being wound as we speak (I hope) If I miss her flight then I miss the whole point with that project too. I think i have finally gotten her pattern down so I am just about good to go here too.

Just don't tell me it would be nice if I made you a pair of slippers or a scarf.You will be waiting till the cows come home and we don't have any cows. We never did.

I have two year old yarn for a shawl to be made that I am still researching the pattern to be "perfect". It is gorgeous Interlacements Rick Rack II btw in Purples and pink, of course. Yes, it is wound.


Frances said...

Welcome to my world of knitting except it is easy for me to knit at the computer, if I can stay awake. I have half finished baby projects for kids who graduated from college!

The Comedian said...

I think that it would be neat to form a project swap. Maybe between a bunch of us, we could get some of our projects completed or atleast a lot more done on them. Anyway, it's just a late night idea. lol

Kat said...

I am enjoying the KTE too, can't wait to hear from my buddy!

B said...

I'm the same way! My main motivation is that my kids are growing really fast, and I want them to fit in stuff for longer than a week!

erika said...

No way, I always thought I was the world's biggest procrastinator! I have yarn for a sweater that I bought two years ago - I even brought it with me overseas to Germany - but I just can't decide which pattern to use!!!
BTW - "You will be waiting till the cows come home and we don't have any cows. We never did." - LOL! Too funny!