Monday, April 30, 2007

My Aversion to The Teeny Tiny

I began my daughter's Knitted Babe yesterday and for all the work, I am only on row 30 of the front or back since they are both knit the same. If you don't know what these things are they look like these but you can get as creative as you want. Only problem I am having is that the way the pattern is written is that it is 4-ply cotton on size 2 US needles stockinette the entire body, arms and legs. I only have wooden needles and I an terrified the entire time that I am going to snap these toothpick thin needles I have in half at any moment that I am knitting slower than molasses because I am so afraid. When I finally did get some momentum going, I realized I had dropped a few stitches several rows back and had to fix it but of course this is when Miss Sunshine enters the picture so I actually went and locked myself in the other room so I could fix it. I have actually never done that before. I am also afraid that I am going to sit on one of these things and "snap" or one of my girls with break them. I have already broken two pairs of size threes without even having knit anything on them!! (they came in a set)
Some of my fears would probably go away if I bought a pair of metal size 2s. I am not a fan of metal but, I have been told numerous times that the smaller you go the better it is with metal because they don't snap.
I also have no delay of gratification so it is taking way too long for me. I mean the pattern doesn't seem like it would take too long but since it is so fine and so small it is taking longer than I thought. Okay, I did just cast on yesterday but seriously.
I also have one other issue sort of non-related to the teeny tiny. Since I don't knit socks or other items in sock or fingering weight, I don't have scraps or other oddments or leftovers. The Knitted babes clothes are knit in leftover sock or finger weight yarn. I am kind of stuck in this regard. I have some that I received as a gift a while back and I have some DK weight yarn that might make due. I have asked my knitting group to check their stashes for me since we are meeting this Wednesday for some non-wool/animal fiber type stuff they can spare and enticed them with some soap for trade. I hope they come up with some stuff.
Since this is for the Princess The Babe cannot end up in the back of my closet so aversions and all I will persevere.

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Bubblesknits said...

Let me know if your knitting group doesn't come up with anything. I'll check my stash and see if there's any "animal-free" sock yarn, just in case. :)