Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yet Another Swap

Believe it or not, I belong to a group for knitting on yahoo. My soapmaking buddies are laughing hysterically right now because I belong to over 100 soapmaking groups on yahoo. Do not fret, I am special notice on most of them. This is how I get notices that they are having swaps or exchanges like a group I am on called Monthly dishcloth KAL. They doing dishcloth exchanges frequently and this time around I am off my swap diet and decided to join in.

You do have to have been a member for 3 months already so if you are thinking of signing up for this one you can't unless you are already a member of the group. they run the exchanges rather frequently, several a year, so if you want to exchange dishclothes which are pretty easy to knit, IMO, and let you try out new patterns, then sign up for the group now and be already a member for the next one.

I really enjoy this KAL over most of the others because it really sets realistic goals for me to follow and I love the way every month they send out rows of pattern row by row but don't tell you what you are knitting quite yet. I know it is much easier to knit a dishcloth in a month, even more than one than anything else but, I find it rather simple to follow and very organized. When you actually follow it as they post the pattern daily it is rather cool to watch your cloth appear daily. Of course I rarely do this monthly.

Now to figure out which pattern to make....


Marigold said...

Hey, lots of us are on Yahoo groups for knitting ;) that way we can combine knitting and the internet :D

erika said...

Wow! Your KAL where you don't know what you're knitting until you've knit it - how neat!