Saturday, April 14, 2007

Soapmakers Gathering!!

I know that most who read my blog are knitters but, I am so excited that my region is in the process of organizing a soapmaker's gathering. The last one was two years ago. All the big areas have them every year, Texas, Chicago, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, New England, I am sure I am missing some all have them sometimes even more than once a year. Not us (which includes PA, NJ, DE, and MD) we don't have get togethers that often. NY is included in the New England gathering but they will come to ours as well. NY even has their own.

Last time, I even gave a rousing demonstration on lotion making from scratch. Everyone got to take a little sample home as well. There is usually a few demonstrations from participants, some vendors give talks on products, perhaps come and sell products at a discount (love that), you get a very nice goodie bag from tons of vendors, there are always door prizes. Last time every one got one or two of those (how cool is that?) We do a swap of finished products. We might trade supplies or garage sale those. Plus it is always good to see old friends you haven't see since the last time we had one of these things. Which did I mention was two years ago? Yes, we chat online and a few over the phone but one comes in from Puerto Rico (she is originally from New Jersey) just for this event so, I only see her at this event.

Oh and what goes better with soapmaking? Knitting!! A bunch of the participants bring their knitting so it is cool to see a bunch of soapmakers knitting as well. Not only do we get to discuss one passion, we get to discuss two! During one get together I got to watch someone give a lesson on magic loop while we were chatting about herbs. For me, it doesn't get any better than that.

How many days till October?

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B said...

Lotion and yarn, huh? When I was at the yarn store the other day, the manager had some knitters salve. It smelled really good, and she said it won't wreck the yarn. Soapmaking conferences sound like fun--probably smell good too! :)