Thursday, August 23, 2007

Circle of Life

I had a conversation with my Mom this morning and in that conversation she mentioned to me that my Great Aunt Esther and my Great Aunt Regina were both on their 90s. Oh my goodness! They are both my Father's Aunts, related to my paternal grandfather. My Great Aunt Regina is one, along with my Grandmother, who taught me how to knit. I will hopefully have the opportunity to see her in September at a family event.

On the flip side, someone I have known all of her life had a baby girl on Wednesday!! Her parents were taken in by my Mom's family like family in Colombia when he was transferred there for work. It is difficult to be in a foreign country where you not only don't know anyone but, you don't speak the language that well either. At one of the business meetings my Uncle took a liking to this gentleman and in turn, our family "adopted" this couple in a strange country. As far as my Mom's family is concerned, this little family IS family to this day over 30 years later.

They looked after my sister when she went to college in their home state, they went to my brother's, sister's and my weddings and my parents went to their daughter's wedding and now their daughter has had her first child. Of course she is getting a some knitted goodies!!

The circle continues.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Great story. I love hearing about this kind of stuff. We have taken in Fay, our "sister" from Taiwan that lives with us right now. She is going to her real home for 2 weeks in September and I already miss her. Thank God she's coming back!

Channon said...

That is beautiful! I don't have any "greats" left on my father's side, and the ones left on my mother's side aren't the ones I knew well. Sigh. Enjoy their longevity!

Beautiful stories (you and nh km). I have a host of aunts and uncles whom have no blood ties to our family. In return, my childhood best friend's son is being raised knowing me as "Aunt Chan." That's what makes the world go 'round.