Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Musings

Just about one week left here till school starts. Yes, we live in the Mid-Atlantic states and our schools tend to start after labor day. The Princess is very excited. She got her teacher assignment yesterday and it is the teacher she wanted (or the only teacher she knows who it is). We already went school supply shopping since at the same time they gave us her report card, they gave us her school supply list. Talk about organized!

Miss Sunshine could care less. We've know who her teacher is going to be for a while now, She is in a Pr-K class at her school. She tells me everyday, "No School!" Boy is September 4Th going to be fun.

This Sunday, Amy Singer of Knitty and "No Sheep For You" fame is going to be at a LYS. I completely forgot to call to see if I could get in on her class so when they open today I am going to call there and see if there are still spaces open. If not I am still going to go down there because after her class, she has a book signing and I just want to meet her.

I have a few to dos. I need to finish the Princesses other slipper, I need to finish the other baby bootie, I need to start and finish a baby hat.

I am going to Atlantic City with my Mom for our annual end of summer overnight trip (that we don't get to take every year). Casinos here we come. Play nice while I am gone :-)


RandomRanter said...

Oooh - School! And I am so jealous about your possibly being able to see Amy. If you do, you must share. Sadly, I have volunteer stuff this weekend otherwise I was going to drive up since the the closest she's getting to DC for a while.

b said...

I work at the place that prints the curriculum books for the Philadelphia school district. They shipped out today!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Have a great time, Sharon!

Your Secret Pal said...

I hope you get to meet Amy! I'm pretty jealous. Have fun on your end of summer trip. I look forward to hearing about it. Thanks for being such a bloggy pal, I really feel like I'm starting to get to know you!

Channon said...

So, can you hurry back and let us know if you got into Amy's class? Why can't my LYSs have stuff like that? Pout.

Oh yeah - I know you had a great time with your mom, so welcome home!

Oh, Bubbles? xznbe. I must be living right. ;)