Monday, August 27, 2007

Pretty Feet

Don't the Princess and I have cute feet? Can you tell pink is high on our favorite color list? Do you think I need a tan? ;-)

These are the fantastically, fabulously, absolutely GORGEOUS socks that Jessi made for me. Aren't they the most AMAZING socks you have ever seen? Okay I am laying it on a bit thick but, I don't knit these things really and truly with the heel and all so when my bestest bud offered to make me a pair in this YUMMY yarn I was was THRILLED to say the least!! I am wearing them right now and don't think I will take them off except to wash them.

These are the slippers I made for the Princess out of Vanna's Choice. It Pills so not the greatest yarn for slippers I am betting. She does love them as I mentioned earlier she has yet to take them off since I gave them to her on Saturday night. Shows good stitch definition though.

Jessi also sent me the most ADORABLE stitch markers - TURTLES for our Turtle, Tina!! These are gorgeous. Miss Sunshine tried to steal them and hang them in Tina's home but, I stopped her right quick. If you have never checked out Jessi's shop, Alabama Fiber Dreams, you really need to take a look at all the really cute stuff she carries. I suggest sooner than later because I am afraid come holiday season she'll be sold out.

I might be back in a few minutes, I have another package to open.


Bubblesknits said...

:-) I'm so glad you like them! They're a bit thick for wearing in shoes (they might work with Crocs), but they're oh so smooshy! It may not be wool, but I would still hand wash them. I have this fear of putting anything hand-knitted in the washing machine! LOL

I'll start the other baby bootie in a couple of days. ;-)

NH Knitting Mama said...

She does make great stuff!

The slippers are cute!

Devonshire said...

Gorgeous socks and slippers. You and Jessi are the best!

Channon said...

Beautiful pink footwear there. Hmmm... Now that blankie is done, I can cast on a second sock or something! Maizy, Tofutsies, Panda/Bamboozle... what to try first?!