Thursday, August 30, 2007

An FO and a WIP

There are two of them, I promise i just haven't had the time to snap a picture of them both, together. I finished the mate last night at our last Sip-n-knit knitting group, sniff, sniff. Now we are back to our regularly scheduled program of every other Wednesday at the diner. I have to miss next week for Miss Sunshine's school open house. So, it is going to be a while for my next knitting night out, boo hoo.
This baby bootie is knit, of course, with the lovely bamboozle. The same one Jessi made me the socks in, the same one I had picked up many moons ago in Sarasota. I finally got around to it. It is for one of the many babies that are being born over the course of the next few months. These were done, thanks to much shoving and pushing and poking of one Ms. Jessi, on dpns. Didn't like the ribbing part too much. Then again I don't like ribbing on ANY needles so I guess that would not matter any way. The rest wasn't a problem
Now I have cast on, you guessed it, a matching hat. Sorry no picture of that yet either. This is not being done on dpns but on my favorite, thank you Beverly (no blog), 16" circulars. Ah circulars, got to love those and I do.
My circs and I are going to a pre-season Eagles game tonight - HOORAY!!! Yes, I am a FOOTBALL FAN. I have yet to go to our new stadium and when Robin (no blog) and her SO offered to take the hubby and me tonight, we couldn't pass it up. Reminds me, I need to take a picture of the socks Robin made for me too :-) So if I start knitting more in green there is more than the fact that it is Miss Sunshine's favorite color :-)


Channon said...

Enjoy the game, but we'll have to remain friendly rivals. I began pulling for the Steelers a few years ago while a serious fan friend was in Iraq. Since my father was born in Steel Town, it's only fitting I stick with them.

The bootie is beautiful!

Anne said...

OK, so I'm not lying.. given our recent email trail, my first thought at the photo was decidedly dirty. I blame you guys though, you're totally having a bad impact! ;)

NH Knitting Mama said...

I don't follow football, but certainly understand the excitement you must be feeling. I get that way when going to see my Red Sox for baseball.