Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Got a Better Photo of Miss Tina

She got kind of hungry and ate, thankfully, this morning. A healthy dose of dandelion (we found two in our backyard), dried plantain and some spring mix. Our neighbors have some dandelion too but we aren't sure if they spray so we aren't going to pick any from them.
To answer some of your questions. We got her from a local shop that deals in reptiles and had her checked by a veterinarian that specializes in reptiles too. Not quite sure how old she is but, she is about 5 inches big now and might get up to 10 inches big by the time she is full grown. Pennsylvania doesn't allow you to sell them when they are smaller than 4 inches big, good rule.
She can live any where from 50 to 100 years so my grand kids will be taking care of her!!


Bubblesknits said...

WOW!!! 50 to 100 years?!? That's pretty darn cool!

If you hear anything about World War 3 in Bama, it's my kids. (winces as high pitched squeal pierces the air)

Good news is that they're replacing my iPhone this afternoon! WooHoo!

OK, the word verification is out to get me again. "kfxaycqr"

Sally said...

Neat! I like tortoises.

See you tonight?

Monica said...

What an amazing addition to the family!! 50 - 100 years!! Tina beat out my chinchilla, Chico. He will live 25 - 30 years. Lifelong friend I call him.

Channon said...

Pout. And I was all happy about Mugsy's (jack russell terror) 12-15 year lifespan...

Tina sounds like a cool little pet!