Saturday, August 04, 2007

Swaps - I think I Over Did It

Jessi has this rule and I should have followed it but, of course with my swap addiction, I didn't. She says, no more than 3 new swaps at a time. If a swap is winding down you can add a new swap.

The Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap will be finished at the beginning of September and the Dog Days of Summer will Be finished in a few weeks so, it is time for some new swaps, right?

However, I signed up for WAY too many swaps.

Secret Pal 11 - I have never done a SP swap so I wanted to give it a try

Vegan Pal Swap - My friend Cass is hosting it plus there is no way I will get yarn I can't use in this one so a definite must for me

Knit 1 Tea 2 Color Swap - Chan and Devon are hosting this one plus the concept is vastly different from any other tea swap I have seen and way cooler. I am very excited about this swap

Okay, this should have been it, right? Nope

Chocolate + Yarn - It is a swap on Ravelry. Sorry to those not on Ravelry yet I couldn't help myself and those of you who are addicted to chocolate and yarn can't be angry at me for joining. come on Chocolate and yarn... together?

This Month's color is Pink the princess' favorite color... how could I not sign up?

Okay, so I pushed the limit. Nobody start anymore cool swaps. Not sure my budget could take it. Somebody buy some soap so I can pay for all this, LOL


Bubblesknits said...

hehehe Come can say it...I was right! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Chocolate + Yarn??? Why didn't I hear about this?

NH Knitting Mama said...

I'm with you... I'm doing 2 and it's enough for me at one time!

Anne said...

Ooh I will be :) Just you wait til I get paid!