Friday, August 31, 2007


Football Season had began!! okay it is preseason and I was told if I get to go back to a game and I take my knitting with me again, it better be Eagles green. I have no problem with that!!

I used to go to games all the time when I was younger at Veterans Stadium with my Grandfather, Great Uncle and Dad. This was my first time to Lincoln Financial Field.

Here is my friend Robin (blogless) knitting some socks. See, there is some green in there! We both knit projects that were easy to put down so that we could pay attention to the game too. It didn't really get too exciting till the 4Th quarter any way and it was a preseason game.

Here I am knitting my hat. Robin made sure to get in some of the big screen and field in the picture so you knew we were at the stadium, LOL

The hubby and I also went and bought Eagles gears for the girlies. Got to get them ready for the season, of course! Miss Sunshine definitely loves it because it is GREEN!! Plus since they could speak they learned how to do a few Eagles cheers.

I think they both learned how to spell E-A-G-L-E-S before D-A-D ROTFL


Anne said...

Oohhhh that looks so fun! When I lived in Jersey, we used to go to one game or another all the time - with so much in such a small square mileage, it's easy to get tickets for SOMETHING. I only ever got to attend like.. ONE Denver Broncos game in Colorado though.. tickets are IMPOSSIBLE!

It looks like you had a great time!

Channon said...

What a fun time! My knitting and I want to go to a game. Mark isn't much on football though...

b said...

I love football, and football games are the funnest (I really think it should be a word) to go to!

Secret Pal K1T2 said...

Haven't been to the New field, haven't been back home that wya in a long long time..but we're all for the Eagles!!! Go green!!!!