Monday, August 27, 2007

Look Who I Got To Meet!!

Amy Singer, author of "No Sheep for You"!! Look at all that YUMMY yarn in front of Amy!! She gave a FABULOUS lesson on the other types of yarns that exist out there besides wool. We got to touch and feel all the luscious yarns in the book and even knit with some hemp and bamboo - heaven!! We also got to see and touch some of the geeky things from the book :-)

Here is Amy signing my "Knit Wit" book (she also signed my "No Sheep For You" Book). She was so amazing to speak with as well and gave us a tour through the yarn shop too, Loop Yarn in Philadelphia, explaining all the benefits of each yarn there and how to substitute it for other yarns.

Of course being at Loop, you guys know I had to buy somethings, LOL. Here is what I bought.
First up is Red and Lavender Bee Sweet Bamboo Cass is not the only one in love with this. So is Amy Singer and so am I! It is sooo soft. I bought two of each of these colors to try it but Loop carries a variety of colors so I am going to go back if I really love it
This is Lavender AllHemp3. We got to knit a swatch with this and got shown a finished item with this yarn, a skirt. It isn't the easiest yarn to knit with, I will give you that but the skirt was very pretty so I bought two to try at home to see how I like it. It is the first Hemp anything I have bought (never bought Hemp oil either)

Best for last, of course! Guess what this is.... come on! You know what this is.... It's BLUE SKY COTTON!! You knew that, right? The color is called Pickle but for Miss Sunshine we will call it green.

What a fabulous morning!!


Cass said...

How jealous am I!?!?!? YAY for you- what a wonderful experience!!!

Anne said...

How fun! I <3 blue sky - and that be sweet was gorgeous when I petted it at my LYS. I'm trying to decide what I'd wanna make with it before investing. New ouotlook on yarn shopping, I know :o

Bubblesknits said...

How cool! You lucky girl! It looks like you had a blast this weekend!

tina said...

How much do we LOVE to meet knitters anyway? Fun fun fun! Great yarn too............ mmmmmmmm.

Friender said...

you lucky dog! :)

Your secret pal said...

What gorgeous yarns! I've worked with hemp before, it really softens up with washings. So it may not be the best to work with, but it sure is worth it in the end.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Lucky girl!