Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I am Such an Enabler

I am a strong follower of the KIP philosophy so I take my knitting every where. If my main project is too big, I will always have a wash cloth on the needles so that I can throw that in my bag and take that with me. As some of you have read, I have knit on the playground to other frowning Moms and I have even knit at Burger King when I take Miss Sunshine to play at their indoor play yard because she just takes off and I can watch her and my knitting quite easily.

At any rate, yesterday I was waiting in the waiting room for my doctor and he usually keeps me waiting so I always take some knitting or a pattern book with me to select my next knitting project. This time I took the Babe with me. His new assistant came out to hand me a form and it was the first time she noticed I knit. Then the fun began because she is a fairly new knitter. She began asking all kinds of questions which I happily answered. Then, of course, I gave her a laundry list of web sites to check out for very simple patterns to follow since, she is of course, a beginner. Then I asked her where she lives.
Me: Oh did you know there is a knitting group that meets fairly close to you? They meet on Such and such a day and such and such time?
She did not know that. She will have to check that out.
Me: Did you know there was such and such LYS near you?
Her: Yes, but I haven't been there yet.
Me: Oh you must. they are fabulous and offer wonderful classes
Her: Really?
Me: oh yes, definitely go. they are very friendly too
Her: Then I will definitely go. Perhaps this weekend
Me: Did you know There is a shop closing soon
Her: Oh No where is it
Me: (I tell her where)
Her: That is near here. I might have to go after work.

Ah, and another stash is born. She told me she is very happy knitting squares and scarves right now so I did give her a few web sites where it gives you some very nice patterns with simple knits and purls and she has attempted color work so she is well on her way. I do love meeting new knitters.


Mistress of the Stash said...

Just look at what you did to me! I'm addicted to swaps and now, home-made soaps! lol Bad Sharon...bad enabler. ;) Being an enabler is what makes you such a good friend, though.

picperfic said...

good for you...I often have to wait a good hour to see my doctor but haven't quite had the confidence to knit in the waiting room yet...I might next time though!

anne marie in philly said...

you bad girl!

tempting another innocent person down the evil fiber road...

Kat said...

Me too! I am addicted to swaps, and if you hear of any more, let me know because I love it!!!

Devonshire said...

Isn't it fun connected to other knitters, whether new knitters or old, the fun never ends!!!