Monday, May 07, 2007

My Own Mother's Day

So you know what I am having the girlies make the Grandmothers and therefore me too but, that got me to think, what do I want for Mother's Day? What do I want to do on Mother's Day?

My husband is an only child so no competition on that side of the family but, if we don't go see his Mom and bring her brunch on Mother's Day proper or at least lox and bagels we will be in big trouble. So there goes part of the day.

On my side I am the middle child. My baby sister is moving to Florida in June and my BIL would like to see everyone before they move. For some reason my brother and sister planned something on Saturday. There goes Saturday.

I actually feel for my Mom. She doesn't get to do what she wants to do. So I actually asked her what she wants. She said since we are bringing brunch to my MIL's and last year I actually had to eat the same thing twice (don't ask), this year she would love dinner from this particular restaurant and that my dad and my husband should pick it up. Spoke to my dad, spoke to my husband, arrangements made. At least my Mom will be happy.

I thought about it. Mother's Day is just one day. It should really be Mother's Day every day, right? Who said it should be just one day, Hallmark? So, I told my husband instead of him taking the girls out Saturday or Sunday morning scrambling for some last minute gift like he has every year for the last 6 years maybe this year he will listen to me finally. Here is what I'd Like:

1. Don't buy me cards because unless he has the girls make them themselves, they have no meaning for me. I have told him this for every gift giving occasion but he doesn't listen.

2. Give me some peace and quiet at home without the girls or you in the house to do what I'd like. Maybe knit, read, knit, take a bath, knit, what ever. We do have a house in the mountains he could take the girls to for the weekend and even take Mom with him. They'd love it.

3. Either a gift certificate or good old fashioned cash to spend at a LYS. You can't go wrong with that. I told him I could give him either Aileen's (blog-less) phone number or even some web sites to look at. He suggested the cash.

Both Two and Three would be great but I'd take an or scenario as well.

Do you think I asked for too much?


Mistress of the Stash said...

I've asked for numbers 2 & 3, too! Hmm...wonder if they'll listen this year. :)

RandomRanter said...

I'm not a parent (just a child) but none of your requests seem unreasonable to me. In fact all of them, seem good.

Sue J. said...

Absolutely not! You have a right to be feted as much as your mother, MIL, whoever. We so often put our own needs aside while we take care of everyone else. Tell him that's what you want for mother's day (#2) and then stick to it. People can't know what you want if you don't tell them.

Friender said...

Ah HA! You are a middle child, too. See, if you weren't a middle child, you wouldn't even be asking the question "did I ask for too much?" ;) I am the middle of three girls and know completely from where you are coming. FWIW, I do not think you asked for too much at all. It sounds delightful. I got 2 hours of alone time on Sunday and wow, was it great. Enjoy yours!

Frances said...

Hi Sharon, If you tell people what you want or need you may still not get it but you have a better chance then if they are guessing! My daughter is going away to CA on a business trip this weekend, (doesn't that sound grown up)so when she gets back we are working in the garden together as my Mother's Day Gift!

anne marie in philly said...

"Do you think I asked for too much?" HELL NO!

I hope he gives you #2. (sings) you deserve a break today (stops singing), but DON'T go to the golden arches.

it's the least he can do.