Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Entry for Contest #2 for the Knitter's Coffee Swap

Contest number 2 is "Still Life with Coffee and Yarn". To take a digital picture of yarn and coffee and post about it on the Knitter's Coffee swap blog. (the alternative is you can write a poem about coffee and yarn) I think your posts kind of get lost on that blog over there. there are over 100 people in this swap and although I just LOVE the theme of the swap you kind of get lost in the shuffle.

When I first read about this contest, I had no idea what I wanted to do. The first few entries where of yarn and mugs and they looked like pastries or typical cups, coffee and yarn. Being that I have studied the more artsy type still life, I decided to do something a bit more unconventional and this is what I came up with.

The yarn is a 1 pound cone of 100% Cotton Bulky Boucle Natural easy to dye Yarn that I decorated with whole coffee beans from Starbucks. It kind of looks like a yummy treat to me.

I do plan on actually dying the yarn, which I have 2 pound of, with Alkanet (a natural herb that I use to color soaps too) sometime in the near future but, right now it smells like coffee, LOL


Anonymous said...

Hey, that really does look cool! How did you do that?

Anne said...

OH very cute! I need to get my entry up too, but I totally agree that things get lost on the blogs like the coffee and sockapalooza with so many folks posting - I'm glad you shared yours here.