Thursday, May 24, 2007

Little Drummer Girl....

The needle thief strikes again! (aka Miss Sunshine) sigh.

My brother, her uncle, has spend WAY too much time telling her about Phil Collins when he is drummer for Genesis (he is going to see them live in concert here this year) because she decided to try it out with my knitting needles when they innocently where sitting on the couch inside the Heartbreakingly cute kimono. She took care of that and pulled them out of the kimono so she could play drummer girl. Obviously she is feeling better. Grrrr.

Jessica graciously offered to mail Miss Sunshine real drum sticks although I don't think it would give her the same thrill as ruining Mom's knitting. Three rows frogged and two dropped stitches needed to be fished but the kimono is back on track. Whew!

Just wait till Miss Sunshine is older and I pull her knitting needles out just for fun.... Nah, I could never do that to someone. However now you know why I STILL don't really knit anything more than some very nice "vanilla" patterns that are very easy to frog back and to pick up stitches. She still likes to pull out my needles and play Phil Collins or Liberty Devitto (Billy Joel's Drummer) Happy Happy Joy Joy.

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Sally said...

Well, I'm glad that Miss Sunshine is feeling better, but I'm sorry that your knitting is not feeling better. If it's any consolation, my kittens think it is great fun to hook their needle-sharp little claws into my Cotton Fleece, which is splitty enough as it is.

Ah, the joys of knitting and crocheting with little creatures around. :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh my... The joys of having toddlers around while your inocent knits are in plain view... I know exactly what you mean. I used to leave my knitting bag around with my WIPs and would turn for a momentt to take care of something and come back to the horror of my little guy playing with my needles pretending they were swords, or sticking them in his mouth! I would get so upset!!! Thankfully, he hasn't done this for a while:) I think he is getting better at understanding to leave mommy's knitting alone. He does however have a pair of drumsticks and a practice drum:)

Patience is a virtue:)
Your No Sheep Pal

RandomRanter said...

Oh - poor knitting!
Glad Miss Sunshine is on the mend. While I agree the double treat of playing with mom's needles is hard to overcome, drum sticks might at least offer an alternative. Who knows.

Bubblesknits said...

I'm glad you got everything back on the needles! Atleast she's learning to drum to good music! LOL