Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Ramblings

I am so excited about all the contest entries! Keep them coming and I will draw a winner on Friday.

I did cast on for my Un Swap project. If you don't know what the Unswap is you should definitely check it out. It is not really a swap, per se, it really and truly a KAL where you make something just for you. It can be anything you want with any yarn, needles or project but, you have to blog about your progress and you aren't allowed to give it away. It has to be for you. A very difficult task, let me tell you.

One of my closest friends who is pregnant with her first had her ultrasound this morning and found out she is having a GIRL!!! I am so excited I can't contain myself!! She is the one that taught me how to make cold process soap and who I bounce ideas off of and who experienced Miss Sunshine's pregnancy with me. We meet up in NYC all the time or here by me. She has been very generous with my girls and it is my turn to repay the favor. It is going to be a purple and pink explosion!! I am already planning on making the Mason Dixon Kimono and a matching hat. Perhaps a bib or two and maybe some booties. She has cats and ferrets and I already made them a blanket so they don't feel left out when the baby comes. I figured not to make the baby a blanket because that is the common gift everyone gives. Of course her older adopted "cousins" can hand her down some gorgeous clothes as well.

If you haven't done so already, check out the, Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap It is going to be a ton of fun!


B said...

ooh, and some pants! I'm making it my mission to make sure all babies have knit pants! :) I have only knit one thing ever that I kept for myself. I should check out the unswap.

Bubblesknits said...

I think you should knit her a doll. hehehe

Whatever you decide to knit, start her off on the right foot and make it purple. :-)