Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No Sheep, Some Tea, Other Swaps and Nonsense

Let's hear it for the swap addicted!!! Not only did I get my No Sheep for You swap partner yesterday, I also received my tea swap partner yesterday. I have been looking forward to the No Sheep For You swap more so than any of the other swaps. I hope none of my other partners take offense to that especially my KTE and my Summer Dishcloth partners because I could not have asked for better swap partners in either one of those two. They are the BEST!! (and I don't even know who my dishcloth swap partner is yet since it is a secret swap). In fact I think so highly of my KTE swap partner that she and I are putting a swap together that if you do a little detective work, and check out a profile or two, you can figure it out. No it isn't the Un-swap.

I have been looking forward to the No Sheep for You Swap because it is all about alternative fibers to wool. If you have been reading my blog or know anything about me you know I am HIGHLY allergic to the animal fibers so this swap is perfect for me. I have already been in contact with my swap partner and waiting to here from my spoiler. I can't wait!

Then I received my partner from the tea swap. Yup, had to sign up for that one. Barely made it into that because I completely forgot about it on the sign up day. I am very excited for this one. Yet, has there ever been a swap I wasn't excited for?

Tomorrow I have a beginner soapmaker coming over for a hands-on demonstration. We are going to make a few batches of soap, I think. My spring soaps are dwindling so I do need to make soap actually. I am thinking Raspberry and perhaps more Mango Coconut or maybe Mango Papaya. I did make Coconut Lime Verbena yesterday and the house smells amazing.

My friend Robin (blog-less) said her mint was blooming so we could clip some soon for the mint products and she might have some other fresh herbs too (yeah!)

I do need a Vacation ;-)


Bubblesknits said...

Awww...I think you're pretty special, too. Of course, then again, I could be keeping you around for your soap/lotion. LOL Just joking!


Sue J. said...

I'm with you. I love swaps and exchanges. What a great way to make new friends.

007 said...

I've had so much fun being your Spoiler for the Dishcloth Swap! I hope you don't mind a big box. I haven't got a lot of knitting done b/c I've so busy shopping! :)

Can't wait to hear about your new swap! I'll be there!
Happy day to you Sharon-

Cass said...

Ooooo I think I just figured out the new swap! YAY! Wouldn't it be great to meet there!?!?


Anonymous said...

Hey There Sharon,

Its a pleasure to meet you! I am your No Sheep for You Swap partner! I will be sending you a more detailed email introducing myself but wanted to leave a comment letting you know that I will be busy getting to know you through your blog:)

She'saCraftyOne said...

I love the shower gel that you sent me....smells divine!