Sunday, May 06, 2007

Talk About Knitting Every Chance You Can

Yesterday, I went to a bridal shower for my sister's husband's brother's fiance (did you follow all that?) Why I was invited is beyond me but, I was with my Mom and my SIL, who found some reason not to go. However, my Mom and I went and we sat at a table with my sister and my sister's MIL.

All the ladies from my sister's shower and wedding from her husband's side were there, of course, and since I had planned her shower they all remembered me. They remembered how wonderful my sister's shower was and how well organized and planned it was. How smoothly it ran, how excellent the favor was (my handmade shower gel that they are still raving about), how yummy the food was, and how everyone could see all the gifts because one of the bridesmaids walk around and showed it off. This shower, not quite the same. I guess that is why they kept raving about my sister's shower which was last year.

At any rate, a few of the women kept telling me how crafty I am and my sister's MIL said not only that she makes all the holiday gifts every year and she knits the most beautiful things too. One woman whips around and says YOU KNIT?! Well guess what I pretty much spent the rest of the shower talking about? You guessed it, knitting. It pretty much made for a less boring time after that.

So, if you ever go to a function where you really do not know anyone or are really bored, slip some how into the conversation something about knitting and chances are you will find someone who knits or wants to learn about knitting. The time will just fly by.


Friender said...

that is great advice! FWIW, for my baby shower, my sister made chapstick and lip gloss for everyone, from scratch. Pretty cool. (she doesn't sell it, she just whips up a batch every now and then)

Chrissy said...

I'll have to remember that. It usually ends up coming up, and I find that men actually seem to like to talk about knitting the most. They always seem to have a fond memory of their mom or grandmother knitting, or doing something with yarn. It's amazing how it can bond people.

Mistress of the Stash said...

This past Friday I was knitting on my sock before our Bunco game started. I got some very odd looks.
"What are you knitting?" them
"A sock." me
"That doesn't look like a sock." them
"Well, it will." me
"Aren't you only supposed to use 2 needles when you crochet?" them
They don't know how close they came to getting a soap box lecture on sock anatomy and the differences between knitting and crochet. lol Somehow I don't think they would have appreciated that, but it would have made me feel a heck of a lot better!