Thursday, May 17, 2007

Knitting Group, a Break From The Everyday

Just when you think you can't take your week anymore, a Wednesday comes up and it is knitting group night. My knitting group meets every other Wednesday at a local diner. It is an eclectic group of Women and sometimes husbands and SOs come as well. We have yet to recruit a male knitter to our group but, I know someone is working on it.

On a rare occasion, the kids come. Sometimes Sally's Princess comes sometimes mine do (rarely though). Last night, Liz's perfectly well behaved children where there, I was jealous how well they could behave in a restaurant. Miss Sunshine could never do that.

I did get a ton of the Babe done. She has both legs, her arms, some stuffing and almost all of her head sewn. Picked up her lovely shade of deep, rich brown cotton hair (THANK YOU GINA!). It was difficult to finish while laughing so hard at group and then when I got home I had to watch LOST, of course.

Our group did begin planing our first Sip n Knit of the summer, which is exciting. Since we meet every other week normally, during the warmer months we begin meeting every week by rotating through various places and include refreshing "beverages". You have to remember to bring not so complex knitting projects to those events, LOL

If you need a break from your every day come see us at the, Knitter's Virtual Vacation

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